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Sanae Takagi, piano


 全日本学生音楽コンクール、ピティナピアノコンペティションG級等入賞、霧島国際音楽祭奨励賞。ドイツ留学中、ミュンヘン・ピアノハウスラング主催のソロリサイタルをはじめ、室内楽やドイツ歌曲伴奏など各地のコンサートに出演し研鑽を積む。日本へ帰国後、’02年~’07年、1人の作曲家の人生と曲で綴る「カフェクラシック」を中心にトークコンサートを全国で公演。’03年、’08年、’10年、’12年、’14年、’16年、’18年、ソロリサイタル。’15年、’17年「新しい耳音楽祭(サロン・テッセラ)」に出演、リサイタルを行う。CDにヴァイオリニスト相川麻里子氏の「メロディ ~幸田延(こうだのぶ)のヴァイオリン・ソナタと同時代の作品を集めて~」、また「ピアノで奏でる日本の抒情歌1〜5」がある。


Sanae Takagi

After graduating from Music Department of Tokyo Metropolitan Art High School and Tokyo University of the Arts, Sanae Takagi further pursued her study in Europe and graduated from Graduate Meister Class at The University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, Germany. Currently, she is a lecturer at Music Department of Tokyo Metropolitan Senior High School of Fine Arts, Performing Arts & Classical Music.

She has studied under Ms. Yoshiko Takatori, Prof. Hitoshi Kobayashi, Prof. Klaus Shilde and Prof. Michael Schäfer. She has also studied with Prof. Arnulf von Arnim and Prof. Yuka Imamine at master classes etc. After graduation, she studied harpsichord under Ms. Yuri Ban, continuation bass playing under Ms. Kumiko Shibasaki, and Russian style playing under Mr. Shinji Ono and Mr. Kota Higa.

Sanae Takagi has won prizes in competitions such as All Nippon Student Music Competition and PTNA Piano Competition G Grade and was awarded the Encouragement Prize at Kirishima International Music Festival. While studying in Germany, she performed in various occasions including solo concerts,chamber music recitals and as German Lied accompaniment.

After returning to Japan, during ’02 – ’07, Sanae Takagi gave talk concerts, mainly the ones called “Café Classic,” in which she featured one composer and spelled out his/her life and songs, throughout the country. She also gave solo recitals in ’03, ’08, ’10, ’12, ’14, ’16, and ’18. In ’15 and ’17, she performed in recitals at ‘New Ear Music Festival (Salon Tessera)’. She holds annual charity concerts to support an orphanage “Hope House” in Phnom Penh which is operated by an NPO, “The Committee to Protect Human Rights of the Children of Cambodia”.

Her activities also include new song premieres, performance in chamber music recitals and recordings, and keyboard performance in orchestras. She is also a dedicated instructor and on panels of juries of several competitions in Japan.